How can Zoom Supermarket help we went other auto loan companies cannot?

Zoom supermarket team come from the world of lending. findbride review Because of that we know first hand what it takes to get a loan approved for all types of credit. We have sourced out the best auto lenders and dealerships nationwide in Canada that have excellent subprime divisions and work hard at getting our customers approved for sub prime car financing. They have a great history with our company and because of that we know they will take care of our findbride review customers. Our team has pre-approved thousands of Canadians yearly for loans but especially for those with challenged credit. We know that you are more than your credit score and our track record proves it.

What are the basic requirement to be able to get preapproved?

  • $1800 income a month
  • 3 months of employment history
  • 18 years old or more

Remember the lenders want to approve you so you as long as you can prove your income they will do everything they can to push your application through.

If you have poor credit, low credit, no credit or have been turned down before. The Zoom team can help you get the car of your dreams through one of our network of dealerships and lenders across Canada.

Why is Zoom Supermarket the fastest growing auto loan platform in Canada?

Because we know what it takes for people with poor credit get approved and driving again.

We know how to help you.

It is not about just connecting you to a dealership and hoping for the best. We know our dealership partners very well and know which ones will be able to help you with your application. We will be realistic about your opportunities to get approved for a car loan and to get driving the vehicle you need. Even if you have a poor credit history or have gone through a bankruptcy in the past, we can help you. We look at you as more than your credit score.

We have the best selection of poor credit car dealerships and lenders in Canada.

Our online application is simple, quick and free. You have nothing to lose and everything to again. Apply today and get let ZOOM do the work to get your approved.

How can Zoom help you?

We know that sometimes life gets hard and situations can make your credit score go down. This makes it tough to get approved for any kind of loan especially

How Zoom Works

Apply online

Sit back and relax knowing you are finally in good hands, we will go over you application and connect you with the dealership we have chosen to get you approved and into your new vehicle.

You will get an email from us and a phone call from the dealership

to go over your details and book an appointment to go in to choose your vehicle and remember to take all your documentation with you (income stubs, bank information, drivers license). You may not recognize their number on your phone so just be on the look out for this call as its going to be the credit team at the dealership working your application.

Drive away with in your new car.

You can usually pick up your new car if you live near the dealership or often they can have it delivered right to you.