We beleive in credit building. Let us help

    No Credit? Damaged Credit? Stopping you getting approved for loans? We have helped thousands of Canadians get approved for loans again!

    Zoom Supermarket has partnered with Canada’s top credit building companies to help Canadians improve their credit score AND save money at the same time.

    What does this mean for you?

    Increased credit score – every payment you make is reported to the credit bureau

    Start getting approved for loans again – you will have a good credit score and money in the bank and the power to say no to lenders will be in your hands not theirs

    Save money – at the end of this program you will have saved money in an account to use for anything you need

    This will allow you to

    • Get a car loan
    • Be approved for a mortgage
    • Get lower interest rates on loans
    • Qualify for credit cards