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    Auto Leads - Hot Subprime and Prime Leads in your area looking to buy a vehicle.

    Real time, verified and scrubbed, qualified customers with sub prime credit that are shopping online.

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    Pay Per Lead
    We pay for all the marketing costs – you get all the leads

    Return policy
    lead didn’t meet what we promised you, no problem we will replace it for you

    We have exclusive partnerships with other online financial platforms that have customers looking for car loans in real time, you get access to these buy ready leads

    In house call center and verification team
    We verify and scrub every lead before your dealership even sees it

    We own our own lead generation system in house and run our own campaigns so we are able to generate at the best prices for your dealership

    No minimums or long-term commitments

    About our Leads

    We are a brand of LendingArch, Canada’s fastest growing rate comparison site that allows customer to search for the best rates for their personal loans, small business loans, auto loans, mortgages, credit cards and insurance. With this depth of data we are able to find customers online right when they are ready to buy. We have a number of auto and car branded assets as well as loan websites that allows us to cross market to our own qualified customers that have applied with us for other loan products and trust our brand. Combining that with our own in house digital marketing team and call center we are able to generate thousands of buy ready auto leads in your target area. These are sales leads, customers who want to buy a car and need to speak to a subprime credit team to get their application approved.

    Call 403 615 7708 to speak to our Auto Lead Sales team.

    How our partnership with you works

    • We locate high intent customers while they are searching for subprime credit car dealerships and offers
    • We then ask them a series of qualifying questions that allow us to determine their car buying intent, financial picture and contact details
    • The customer information is then screened and verified by our proprietary technology and manual screening process
    • Pre-qualified prospects are instantly delivered to your dealership via email or into your CRM for your sub prime team to call them

    What do Dealers say about our Auto Leads?

    Mr A Customer
    Customers Company

    Zoom Supermarket have the some of the best leads in the market, we still buy from other lead sources but the Zoom quality is great, we are growing our sub prime team to be able to manage and expand our lead buying with Zoom. Really excited about the future potential with Paul and Jay.

    Mr B Customer
    Customers Company

    We used to buy leads from another large well known lead provider in Canada until we realized two of our locations with different dealership names were receiving the same lead in one day! They were reselling leads even though they were meant to be exclusive leads. A dealer friend of ours in Alberta told us about Zoom Supermarket and we spoke to Jay and Farhad, best decision ever, no recycled or re sold leads, and great quality and best of the customer service at Zoom is very partnership centric.

    Mr C Customer
    Customers Company

    Can’t say enough good things about Zoom, Paul, Jay and the team. Leads are as good as your team knows how to work them but the Zoom guys go the extra mile to make sure we are getting results and closing about 14% of our leads which is amazing. We are going to be buying more leads monthly as we expand our geography and partnership with Zoom in 2019.

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